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Resultime by Collin Facial Treatments

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All treatments start with a consultation to ensure we will not interfere with any medications you may be taking or health problems you may have. We will give you the opportunity to discuss your concerns and requirements. Please note that new customers will need to arrive 10 minutes prior to the tratement time to allow for this. Subsequent visits will not require extra time.

•  Balance - to decongest and protect mixed and combination skin types

•  Rehydrate - to soothe and hydrate dry or distressed skin

•  Purify - to help those with problem skin prone to oiliness and breakout

•  Radiance - help brighten those with uneven skin tone and hyper-pigmentation

•  Anti-Ageing - to reduce the signs of ageing

Corrective Treatment


Educational Treatment   45/60 minutes - £38

The ideal treatment starting point to ensure your skin receives what it needs at the beginning of your journey into specialised skincare. After which your personal beauty prescription will be designed for you. A deeply cleansing, renewing facial, indulgent, relaxing yet highly effective treatment that will help to decongest, brighten and hydrate your skin.


Your therapist will select the most suitable Resultime by Collin Skincare Facial for you on the day or, if you prefer, you can choose from one of the following:

New Skin Peeling AHA Treatment  60/70 minutes - £48 - £60

This treatement offer visible transformation. It will earse dead skin and reduce wrinkle depth and scarring. Your skin will be smooth soft and radiant and youth mechanism will be reignited with a new skin effect. Sold individually or as a corrective treatment.

Recommended as a course of 3 treatments of 1 per week

Maintenance treatments of 1 treatement per month

Hydrating Treatment  60/70 minutes - £50 - £60

The treatment bathes the skin with extreme hydrating properties. The skin is visibly plumbed full of vitality, suppleness and comfort is regained and dehydrated lines are immediately erased ideal for all skin types.

Recommended as a course of 3 treatments of 1 per week

Maintenance treatemnts of 1 treatment per month

Radiance Anti-Ageing Treatment (Collagen - Vitamin C) 60 minutes - £60

For smooth plumb radiant glowing skin, Combining pure vitamin C and Collagen. This treatment   gives dull skin the ultimate anti-ageing boost.

Wrinkle Firmness Treatment  60 minutes - £67

Developed especially for the 40 plus client wishing to visibly reduce lines and wrinkles and reshape face oval. The results are clinically tested and prove to increase skin firmness by 90% and to smooth wrinkles by 80% after the first treatment. Sold individually or as a corrective course of 5 treatments.


Developed for client 45 years and upwards to re-densify the skin and fight against skin slackening. Inspired by surgical procedures, this treatment will lift and re-sculpt the face and lift and firm the skin. Sold singularly or as a course of 4 treatments at one per week


Lifting and Sculpturing Treatment 60 minutes - £69

This innovative treatment use gentle micro –current stimulus to reduce lines and wrinkles and lift and firm the eyelids. Lines are diminished (by over 40%) and puffiness and dark lines reduced.


Eye Expertise Treatment 60 minutes - £48

Real Time is fast becoming recognised as the ultimate professional anti-ageing brand.


Inspired by medicine, Resultime offers technical efficacy, using 15 key molecules found naturally in the skin such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.


By reintroducing the molecule, our products have excellent skin compatibility. Along with these key molecules, Resultime uses a unique patent Vectorised Micro-Collagen. This is a tiny fragment of Collagen which is transported directly to the heart of the skin cells to bring great cellular and tissue activity which result in a more youthful looking skin.