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•  Manicure - £19.00

•  Luxury Manicure - £25.00

•  French Manicure - £20.00


Lovely nails with lasting results


•  Bio Sculpture manicure treatments last at least 2 weeks

•  There are no smudges or chips with Bio Sculpture gel nails

•  Bio Sculpture nails are thin and natural looking, but are strong and resilient

•  Bio Sculpture gel nails won't damage your natural nail which lies underneath

  We also provide regular manicures, including Luxury and French manicures for your natural nails.

•  Pedicure -  £25.00

•  Luxury pedicures - £29.00


•  Flip flops available to purchase to allow your feet to stay fresh for longer!

Long lasting, beautiful nails from Total X Cape

As well as our fantastic facials and blissful body massages, for the ultimate in stress relief, we also provide pampering, health and beauty treatments for those busy hands and feet!



Pedicures are also necessary for health reasons, but as you get older it's harder to do this for yourself!

Treat your feet with a discounted pedicure in our friendly Crouch End treatment rooms.

Pedicures for health - OAP discounts

Perfect pedicures

Combined manicure and pedicure appointments

with discounted pricing available!

07725 553 144

Our Crouch End manicures and Bio Sculpture nail treatments are customer favourites!

Take care of your nails

Your hands endure a lot of wear and tear through the working week. At Total X Cape we will take good care of them. From an express polish for quick maintenance to a full luxurious manicure to nourish and hydrate your nails, we can transform your nails.

Our relaxing pedicures will leave your feet looking fresh and hydrated. Whether it's a refresh or a full pedicure you're after, Total X Cape will take care of you.







•  Bio Sculpture Full overlay on natural nails - 1 hr - £30.00

•  Full overlay with French 1hr 30min - 35.00

•  Bio Extension 2hrs - £38.00

•  Infills - £25.00




Prices -

•  File and Varnish - £10.00

Prices -