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Spray Tanning

A Safe all over Colour

St Tropez – Tanning Treatment

St Tropez – applied professional leaves you with an even smooth natural looking tan.


Full Body                                                £25

Face, Shoulders and arms                    £10

Legs only                                               £10


For an even deeper tan re-application up to 48 hours after initial treatment at 25% discount

Beauty Price List

Eyebrows                                               £8.00

Upper lip                                                £4.00

Lower lip                                                £4.00

Sides                                                     £7.00

Cheeks                                                  £23.00

Neck                                                      £25.00


Sides & Cheeks                                         £4.00

Forehead                                                   £3.00

Chin only                                                   £3.00

Chin Extended Neck                                 £6.00

Full Face                                                    £4.00

Full Face & Neck                                       £5.00    


Permanent method of hair removal

We use sterile and disposable needles (Free Consultation)


Up to 10 minutes                                    £10.00

Up to 15 minutes                                    £14.00

Up to 20 minutes                                    £20.00

Up to 30 minutes                                    £25.00

Up to 60 minutes                                    £35.00


3 hour Course                                        £79.00

4 hour Course                                        £105.00

5 hours Course                                      £129.00

Traditional Full Body Massage

Warmed oil is used to relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation and a state of wellbeing.

90 minutes -                                           £54

60 minutes -                                           £40

30 minutes -                                           £28

Your body is enveloped in warm oils to create a truly pleasurable massage experience. Choose between a Refreshing Massage with citrus Flavours oil or Deeply Relax Massage Infused with sweet almond, valerian, patchouli and lavender. Revive or relaxed your muscles, we will create a custom experience just for you.


90 minutes -                                          £58

60 minutes -                                           £44

30 minutes -                                           £29

Due to nature of modern life, muscle tension is a growing problem it can be brought on by rigorous exercise, everyday motion or even stress. This massage is specifically aimed at easing stiff and aching muscles and joints. Grape seed oil is blended with wintergreen this soothing formula helps to relieve joint and muscular pain. The added presence of eucalypts brings a sweet smelling medicinal aroma and its soothing properties are ideal for reducing muscle pain.


90 minutes -                                           £58

60 minutes -                                           £44

30 minutes -                                           £29

Spa Experience Massage

Aromatherapy Massage with Indian Head Massage

This massage designed to release stress that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders. Blended oils suited to your personal needs will be used for this therapy.


90 minutes -                                           £58

60 minutes -                                           £44

30 minutes -                                           £29

Ultimate Back Face and Scalp

Muscle Relief Massage

This treatment incorporates a deeply relaxing back neck and shoulder massage using aromatic oils followed by a deep cleansing facial, treatment and ends with Indian Head Massage.


90 minutes -                                         £55

60 minutes -                                         £49

Manicure and Pedicure Treatment Prices

Manicure Treatments

File and Polish hands                                                                                                                                      10 min   £5

File and Polish feet                                                                                                                                          10 min   £5

Standard Express Manicure (File, Polish & Cuticle Work)                                                                              20 min  £10

Standard Full Manicure (File and Polish, Soak, Cuticle Work)                                                                        30min   £18

Luxury Manicure (File and Polish, exfoliation cuticle cutting, hand massage,Paraffin Mask)                         45 min   £20

Pedicure Treatments

Standard Express Pedicure                                                            30min      £18

Standard Full Pedicure                                                                   45min      £20



Standard Express Manicure & Standard Express Pedicure           40min      £25

Standard Full Manicure & Standard Full Pedicure                         60min      £30

Add-on Services

French Polish (Hands or Feet)                                                       10min      £10

Microzone Hand Repair                                                                  20min      £25

Microzone Foot Repair                                                                   20min      £25

Note: Additional Charges apply for removal of other types of nail polishes, gel or enhancements not originating in our salon.